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Grocery Shopping

Working and new mommies with children under the age of 5 were surveyed, and grocery shopping was one of the most popular tasks we wish someone else could do for us.  By having a Mommy Assistant shop for you, saves you money!  Why?  Because they will stick to what exactly is on the list.






Grocery Lists:

Most of us have a “standard” shopping list.  We suggest you look at your list from last week, type it into the form and label it “grocery standard”.  Use your “grocery standard” document as a starting place when creating the shopping list for your assistant.  Be as specific as possible.  Make sure to list quantity, brand, and price if you know it.

There are also a select number of stores in which you can create a shopping list using the most recent ad.  I know both Baker’s and Hy-Vee have on-line shopping lists. The more times your assistant shops for you, the better they will become at gaging your preferences.  In the beginning, it may be helpful to email the shopping list to your Assistant to review before they shop.

There are also grocery store apps if your Mommy Assistant has a smart phone.  The top three as of the moment are: Grocery IQ, Grocery Gadget, and Shopping list.   You can add items to the shopping list and it will populate your Assistant’s phone.



Grocery Store:

In a perfect world, your Mommy Assistant would live in your same geographical area and be familiar with the grocery store nearest your house.  If she does not, it may take her some time to get used to the layout of the store you use.  Be patient.



Paying for groceries:

Initially, you and your Assistant will have a discussion as to what works best for both of you. The option which is best for you and your assistant may change with your comfort levels.  A receipt should always be provided by your Assistant for purchases.

·         Option A – You provide the assistant with cash (using a good buffer). This option is good if you like using coupons and would like the assistant to use those as well.

·         Option B – A bank account is opened with you and your assistants name on it which is used for groceries and errands.

Money saving tip:

There is a app called SavingStar for the Iphone, Ipad, etc. If you sign up for a store frequent buyers card, you can download coupons for products onto that card. You and your assistant can have a card. The money will not be saved at the register, however, it will be deposited into a SavingStar account.

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