Mommy Assistant Title


What is a Mommy Assistant?

A Mommy Assistant comes to your home weekly to do light housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, or whatever else may be lingering on your to do list!  Many families that have a Mommy Assistant to do the grocery shopping, actually save $20-$40 per week! Why? Because the Mommy Assistant gets exactly what is on the list, and none of those “impulse items” we’re always tempted to put in the basket. 

How much does a Mommy Assistant cost?


Rates begin at $25 per hour, and discounts are given when 5 or more hours a week are scheduled.  You will be amazed what your Mommy Assistant can do when solely focused on the job at hand.  Chaos in the home is a distraction to all of us. Let a  Mommy Assistant eliminate that chaos.  

What are the next steps in hiring a Mommy Assistant?

Call 402-915-2831 or email us at  We will schedule a short in home meeting with you to meet your Assistant and review your needs.  We will agree on a time / day which fits you and your Assistant to begin.  We know you are busy and you may need your Assistant to start on a weekend day until they achieve a comfort level with the tasks you need completed.

How do I pay my Mommy Assistant?

You will reveive a bill via email every other Friday for your Assistants services.  There is a 2 hour minimum when an Assistant comes to your home.

How do I pay for groceries / errands?

       Initially, you and your Assistant will have a discussion as to what works best for both of you. The “system” which is best for you and your Assistant may change with your comfort levels.

·      Option A – You provide the Assistant with cash (using a good buffer). This option is good if you like using coupons and would like the Assistant to use those as well. 

·      Option B – A bank account is opened with you and your assistants name on it which is used for groceries and errands.

       A receipt from the assistant should always be provided for purchases.

Do I have to reimburse for gas / mileage?

      The gas / mileage is included in the service cost within reason.  Most errands we run are within 5 miles of the home.  If more than 5 miles are incurred / day, a small service fee will be added.

What is the most important part of being satisfied with a Mommy Assistant?

Communication is the key. After the Mommy Assistant has completed their work, spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the completed work and if you would make any changes. The Assistant is new to your home and doesn’t know to make changes unless you are able to tell them. The completed tasks will duplicate what you normally do as long as you communicate. Be as open as possible. This is a business and you are paying for the service. Make sure you get what you want out of it.

When should time start for the assistant?

       The time for an Assistant starts work begins at the time they arrive at your home.  If you instruct them to run an errand before coming to work, time starts as they arrive at the first location if the distance is within reason. 


Are background checks mandatory?

       Yes.  All Assistants on the website will have a background check badge.  If the badge does not appear, the Assistant has signed up recently, and we are awaiting confirmation.  The background check is completed through:  A basic background check includes, name verification, alias verification, SSN verification, DOB verification, current and previous address verification, current and previous phone summary, 50 state national sex offender search, and a national criminal records search.  The background check for each Mommy Assistant will be conducted annually after their initial hiring.